Keep Baby Sleeping - The Convenience of a Snugglebundl

Keep Baby Sleeping - The Convenience of a Snugglebundl

We are asked all the time about how and why the Snugglebundl is so helpful for keeping your baby sleeping.

The answer is very simple. For you to lift your baby as they sleep from one place to another without the Snugglebundl involves you having to get both hands under them to gently lift them up and then when laying them down you need to be able to slide your hands out from under them. Most parents know that this is normally the time when their little eyes ping open and suddenly they are awake.

So why does a Snugglebundl keep them sleeping?

Very simply, when lifting the baby you don't need to get two hands under them to support the head and body. Lifting using the handles means your baby's body is completely supported, enabling you to softly lift them up into your arms effortlessly. In fact the Snugglebundl supports them so gently as you lift that they don't even know that you are moving them. The same applies to laying them down. Use the handles to lower them down and there is no trying to slide your arms out. Even if the baby stirs a little as you lay them down you can simply use the Snugglebundl as a little rocker to send them gently back to sleep.

One of the hardest pieces of baby equipment to lift a baby in and out of as they sleep is the car seat. Generally most parents faced with getting their baby out a car seat asleep will tend to leave them in it and carry the whole car seat. Research shows that it's not good to leave your baby in the upright position for too long, so the Snugglebundl offers you an easy way to lift your baby in and out without waking them. You can then transfer them into the pram or even a shopping trolley baby seat without disturbing them.

This also has the added benefit of letting you lift and lay your baby without you having to bend or stoop so it's better for your posture and straight after you've had your baby it's a real help in terms of recovery time.

You can read many wonderful reviews on Amazon, TrustPilot Facebook and Google, as well as the many parenting websites that have featured and reviewed our product. The Snugglebundl has also won a brilliant range of awards.

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