Supporting your baby!

Supporting your baby!

Probably one of the main questions that we are asked about the Snugglebundl is 'Is it safe?' or 'Does it support the head and neck properly?'. In fairness that is almost certainly the first question that we would ask if we saw the Snugglebundl for the first time.

So to anyone asking we say categorically that the answer is 100% YES!

The Snugglebundl supports the head, neck, body and legs of your baby safely and securely. Your newborn baby hasn't got the ability to support their own neck so when lifting it is absolutely essential that you provide the support for them and why you always (unless you are using a Snugglebundl) need two hands to lift them. This is why the design of the Snugglebundl is so clever, because as you lift your baby using the handles on the wrap it safely creates the support for your baby in exactly the same way as if you were lifting them with your own hands.

The handles form a strong loop that is fixed through a drawstring system, so as you lift it spreads the weight evenly throughout the whole material. The addition of the hood on the Snugglebundl provides a small padded area that protects your baby's fragile head for comfort, warmth and security.

Many new parents are amazed when we demonstrate at just how gently and simply the Snugglebundl holds and supports a baby as they are lifted. This is the reason that it is so easy to lift your baby without waking them. Babies just don't even notice they are being lifted! Because you don't need to lean forward to place a hand behind their head it also means that you can lift and lay down your little one whilst you keep a straighter posture so it helps you at the same time.

If you have any questions that you'd like to ask us about the Snugglebundl and how it works, we are always happy to answer them. You can also see some more frequently asked questions on our FAQ's page"

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