A baby blanket to help with back problems

Having launched the Snugglebundl baby-lifting blanket we decided to look into what other products are available for mum's, parents and carers of babies and toddlers who suffer with back pain or have back problems after child birth. This subject covers a huge array of different back, pelvic and spinal problems and conditions such as scoliosis, SPD and sciatica and in a lot of cases these problems are made even harder to cope with after the arrival of your baby. We have spoken to many mum's about the difficulties of managing the basic lifting and manoeuvring of their baby's when they are suffering from any back related issues and the main problems seem to always be in the picking up and lowering down of your baby. Most of the time we are laying our babies into pushchairs, prams, cots, cribs, beds, sofas and of course down on the floor. Laying down or lifting up your baby from these low positions whilst you use both hands to support body and head of your baby and in a stooped or bent position can be not just difficult or painful if you suffer with back complaints but it can also be almost impossible for many.

So this has prompted my search of what is out there for parents with back problems. I have found lots of useful information about exercise and being aware of your positioning when you pick up your baby. But when it came to actual products that could help I can only find the Snugglebundl. This was meant to be a blog about other products that will help you with the day to day problems faced by parents with back problems and I had hoped to link in all the other products that you may find to help but I can only find the Snugglebundl. I would love to hear from you with other suggestions and I will gladly link them up.

The Snugglebundl was designed to be able to lift a baby 0-6 months with a straight back even from floor level. The main advantage of having the baby on the Snugglebundl blanket is that you can lift, lay or move them with just one hand using the strong padded handles, leaving your other hand free for your own support.

The Snugglebundl has been endorsed by chiropractors and osteopaths who are recommending it to their clients with back problems in parenting. But best for us is the high commendations we have had from parents and carers themselves who have really benefitted from the simple idea of baby blanket with handles.

One mum of two that bought a Snugglebundl from us earlier in the year was so impressed with the blanket that she now stocks it with pride of place on her on-line baby store Cutchycoo.

She explained to us that she was suffering from SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) where the body produces too much relaxin hormone so the pelvis ligaments soften and cause inflammation and pain. She told us 'I used a special belt throughout pregnancy and from the birth of my youngest and I still suffered so I needed a product specific to my needs to reduce the stresses and strains caused by any lifting on my recovering pelvis, I found the Snugglebundl. This has been my saving grace and helped so much. Now even though my pelvis has recovered I love it so much that I still use it for my little one and I find it an invaluable product in my daily routines.'

We are very proud of bringing the Snugglebundl baby blanket onto the market as it was invented because of our own need for a product to assist us with coping with back problems with a baby. So please feel free to help us spread the word to other parents that will benefit from this beautifully simple idea of a baby blanket with handles and please let us know of any other products that help with these issues so we can pass them on too.

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