Babyworld 5 Star Snugglebundl Review

We have always been very impressed by the BabyWorld website. It has a real wealth of information from bumps to babies and beyond and there is a good sharing of news and reviews from all that there is in the wonderful world of babies and children and families. We were delighted to be asked to give a Snugglebundl wrap blanket to be reviewed by them. As it happened the editor of Babyworld was due to have her baby at that time and we thought it would be fantastic if she would review it herself and tell us what she thought of lifting blanket.

We didn't have to wait long until baby came along and we got a resounding thumbs up review with 5 gold stars out of 5 on all counts: Ease of use, value for money and quality. This is what she had to say:-

"I heard about Snugglebundl on the radio as the revolutionary new way to transport baby around with the minimum disruption while they are sleeping. The first of its kind, this lifting blanket has thick straps to lift your baby without having to bend over as much so you can take them from crib to car seat and back without having to pull them around and wake them up. My decision to invest in one was down to my planned C-Section when bending was a no no for a month. The Snugglebundl gave me the freedom to lift with less pressure on my stomach muscles which was exactly what I needed. The blanket rolls up well and is easily transportable and I found I could use it for breastfeeding as well as it acts as the perfect sling/cover up while in public."

You can see the Babyworld review for yourself along with all the other wonderful information and advice that the site has to offer at .

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