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Another lovely review of the Snugglebundl car seat wrap, this time from mum of 2 Debbie Harris. Thanks very much to and who we can add to our ever growing list of Snugglebundl fans. Thanks for the support !

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Coming soon to Groovy Pram is the ingenious Snugglebundl. We can't wait to stock it after reading this review from a mum of 2! Take a look at what she had to say about it below and we'll let you know when we get in into our range! My name is Debbie Harris, mum of two, and I have been testing the Snugglebundl. It's a brilliant innovative baby lifting blanket and brand new product on the market. The Snugglebundl is a multifunctional wrap which has two handles to scoop up a baby so they won't be disturbed when sleeping. The hammock like curve means the back, head and neck are securely supported. In addition it has a padded area built in for the baby's head. Because it makes life easier generally with no need for stooping when lifting the baby it is especially useful for mums who have just had their baby because they can heal without extra discomfort. The creator David Solomons had a bad back and his partner had a complications birth which meant both of them struggled to lift their newborn. He got together with neighbour Mike Edwards and his wife Heidi and they developed the product ready for market. As soon as they were ready they entered the Barclays Take One Small Step for innovative new business -and won first prize for the southern region! We were very pleased to try out this product. We have a rather large 3 month old but Joshua fits in it very well. My main reason for wanting to try it out is because we live in a block of flats and have to go down lots of stairs. Trying to carry a baby and push chair, bags and so on downstairs is not easy. Once I got the Snugglebundl I could carry baby securely without straining my back. It was the simple job of just placing him directly in the buggy already wrapped! When I return from my outing, I simply lift the blanket straight indoors without waking him. Sometimes he just likes lying in it all snug, warm and kicking happily. Without doubt this is a product which should been invented since time began- how have mothers managed without it?! I took the Snugglebundl to a parent group at the park and it created quite a storm of interest and they all thought it was the best baby product concept they had seen in years. The Snugglebundl(Bundl for short) retails at £39.99. I know you may think it's a blanket but it's so multifunctional and it's one of those product which actually really does make life easier. Also the cost is comparable to a buggy, cosy toes or sleeping bag (and they won't save your back!). It's machine washable 40 degrees cycle. With its multiple uses, you won't regret the spend. As an extra my toddler used it to lift and lay her doll too! If the endorsement of a toddler doesn't persuade you then, on that one occasion, when you get up after very little sleep and you don't wake the baby when you put it down you'll find its real value is in fact priceless  
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