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Being mum to twins is obviously twice as much work. We were keen to see what Jennie from http://www.edspire.co.uk/ would think about a Bundl. This is what she thought....

Earlier this year I went to the Baby Expo in Brighton and there I watched a fantastic product being brilliantly demonstrated.
I fell in love.

I also felt disappointment that this product was not around when Esther and William first came home from NICU, it would have made such a difference to us in those early days.

The product is The SnuggleBundl, a simple but innovative baby lifting blanket. It is a stunning product to look at, coming in a range of colours and patterns, but its real beauty is that it works and it can be used to improve the lives of so many mummies and babies.

The beauty of the Snugglebundl(Bundl for short), like all good ideas, is incredibly simple. It was originally conceived and designed for parents or carers who had trouble bending or stooping to pick up, lay down or move their babies. In particular, mums who had undergone caesarean births or who had birthing complications resulting in restricted movement, and for parents or carers with back problems and disabled or wheelchairs users. But after much testing it became apparent, that it was an incredibly useful and practical invention for anyone with a young baby, regardless of abilities. Grandparents and elderly carers especially loved it for its ease of use and safety.

When I was pregnant with Esther and William I had a twisted bowel which resulted in some very serious abdominal surgery for me. I call it my pre-birth trauma. It took me months to fully recover and lifting was a problem. Even though Esther and William were so very small and light it was the positioning of my own body that was difficult. The Snugglebundl would have allowed me to lift both babies without putting too much strain on my stomach muscles and lower back. It could have made a huge difference to my quality of life. As Esther and William grew older and a little heavier I sometimes struggled to carry them both from their nursery downstairs to the lounge with two Snugglebundls this would have become so much easier, particularly if they were lying in their Bundl in their cot. I could have lifted them out in the blankets and carried them straight downstairs. The Snugglebundl would also have made it so easy to move them from their pram to their cot if they were asleep as they so often were in those early days. They would have stayed warm and safe and undisturbed.

The BUNDL works in a similar way to a hammock, pulling up around the baby to support the head, neck and spine and the padded hood carefully protects the babies' crown. The extra strength support handles mean that you can safely and securely lift, carry or place down the infant with just one hand and without the need to support the back of the neck whilst doing so, making stooping or bending un-necessary. The Bundl will fit into car seats, prams, pushchairs, cots, cribs and carrycots. It is ideal for just laying them down on the floor or the sofa or a bed and it can then be used to wrap around them and even done up like a papoose with a little tie on the side to stop them from kicking it open. If they are asleep and you need to move them you will find that picking up is so easy and the snugness, warmth and comfort of the BUNDL means they stay asleep even when moving them from one place to another. This is what makes it so unique from any other product on the market and why it could well be one of the best and most useful baby products you ever own.

I am now 20 weeks pregnant with Baby 3 and I am already struggling with lower back pain. I know that when Baby comes the Snugglebundl is going to provide such a help to me in carrying Baby around the house. It will also allow me to carry her with just one hand leaving one hand free to deal with Esther and William. I envisage that Baby is going to be moved around a lot to fit in with Esther and William's routine so using the Snugglebundl to move her without disturbing her sleep is an idea that totally appeals to me. Moving her from car seat to carrycot to moses basket without waking her ! Bliss!

The Snugglebundl would make an ideal gift for Mummies who have their baby by c-section. There is nothing worse than not being able to lift and hold your own baby whenever you want to, I know. The Snugglebundl makes this easier for struggling Mums. It can also aid recovery from abdominal surgery as it reduces the stress and strain on the body through lifting. I wish I had known about this product in time to buy one for my sister who gave birth by planned c-section back in October. I know that Little Toby would have loved the security of the blanket and Mummy would have loved her life to have been made just that little bit easier.

The Snugglebundl can be used in many ingenius ways, replacing other bulkier equipment and home made contraptions!!!

When Esther and William were small we used to spend ages rocking them to sleep. My husband thinks that the Snugglebundl could be used to gently swing the baby to sleep and that this would be much easier than rigging up the carry cot from the ceiling beams, which is what we did for the twins. Oh dear! That does seem like such a long time ago.

But in not too long we will be in that scenario again with a precious newborn to care for and protect. I know that the Sugglebundl will have a role in that care and protection. I cannot wait to bundle up our Baby and have a snuggle!!!

We will be posting more reviews of this product in the new year as we get to test it out with Baby and with my little nephew when he visits. Here at Edspire we love the Snugglebundl. It is a product we believe in and we will be promoting it as much as we can. We would love to hear from you if you love it too.

If you buy a Snugglebundl and are unsure exactly what to do there are detailed instructions of how best to use the Bundl on the company's website where you will find a range of helpful videos to watch too.

You can find out much more about the company and the product by looking at theSnugglebundl website and blog, liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.

If you have seen enough, are convinced and would like to buy a Snugglebundl of your own then they are available online and cost £39.99.

Snugglebundl ' The first baby lifting blanket. We love it!

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