DPPi review the Snugglebundl

We have had so many parents with disabilities contact us about the Snugglebundl that we thought we should contact some of the disabled charities to try and raise more awareness about the benefits of the Snugglebundl.The idea is very simple but the design of the Snugglebundl took some time to get right. For a start the way that it lifts your baby is essential as it must support the whole body and be strong enough to do so as they grow. The strong handles on the wrap allow you to lift your baby with ease and with only one hand which makes it perfect for anyone who is in a wheelchair or has problems with lifting or holding on one side of their body.The Snugglebundl is perfect for lifting a baby with disabilities or mobility issues. We were delighted that the Snugglebundl we sent to the DPPi (Disabled Pregnancy and Parenthood)was given to a young family with such issues and the following is an excerpt from their review. Sophie Woodruff, a disabled parent from Bristol, UK, 'Generally my main concern during pregnancy (this was our first child) was transporting our baby up and down our stairs as I suffer from very limited movement in my right arm. We had been looking for some kind of baby sling/carrier to allow me to do this, but all of the ones we saw really required two hands to get the baby into place and were rather fiddly. The Snugglebundl cuts out this concern, as at a basic level it is just like putting the baby into a comfortable hand bag and lifting with one arm! One of the major benefits is that there is no fiddling around with straps, adjusting the fit etc, you just place the baby in and lift.'

You can read the review in full by visiting http://www.dppi.org.uk/information/articles/2014-04.php

DPPI (Disability, Pregnancy amp; Parenthood) is a UK charity that promotes better awareness and support for disabled people during pregnancy and as parents. DPPI provides: a free, confidential enquiry service offering information and advice to disabled parents and professionals; accessible guides on disabled parenting in a range of formats; a range of online articles on parenting with a disability; and training and consultation for health and social care professionals. Helpline: 0800 018 4730 (open Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 10:30am to 2:30pm) Email: info@dppi.org.uk Website: www.dppi.org.uk"
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