Essential Baby Products

Naturally if we were to just go on and on about what a great practical baby product the Snugglebundl was it wouldn't really carry much weight as we'd just be blowing our own trumpet!
Fortunately we're pleased that we don't actually have to do that, as everyone else is saying it for us. Just in the last few weeks these are some of recent postings on other baby sites!

Handy Ideas website has put us in the Top 5 Baby Gadgets describing the Snugglebundl as 'a cross between a hammock and a baby blanket with handles, designed to lift your new baby safely and easily' -

The Cahootsy website have listed us in the Essential Safety Products for Babies and Toddlers. They say 'Snugglebundl lets you move your baby as they sleep easily so you don't disturb them.' -

The Hull Daily Mail have put us in the Six Best Baby Buys alongside some of our own personal other favourite baby products.

As well as these we've been featured in loads of other publications and online magazines as a truly essential baby product for your new born. You only have to glance at our Facebook Page to see all the parent reviews and praise we are receiving. Just putting our name into Google will bring up all the many forums and online chatrooms where Mum's are talking about how helpful a baby wrap with handles can be. We are especially proud that so many professionals in the field of baby care are also talking about how effective the Snugglebundl is when looking after your new baby.Of course there are so many great baby products out there but we are sure that what really sets the Snugglebundl apart from other baby gear is that it has so many uses and can be used in conjuction with so many other products like, prams, car seats and cribs.

We'd love to invite you to try a Snugglebundl for yourself and see what you think. To tempt you into trying we'd like to offer you a 10% discount. Just use the code snuggle1 on our website to get your essential Snugglebundl baby wrap..And then we'd love to hear from you as to whether you agree with all the hype.

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