First 4 Dads Think Snugglebundl is a winner!

If you are a dad, or are about to become a dad, be it first-time (or last-time!), their site aims to provide you with reviews on a whole range of products for baby, child and parent that include feeding, bathing, nursery and travel equipment, as well as toys, games, activities and books. Where possible, all products featured are tried, tested, and chewed by they're very own children! As well as reviews, the site aims to offer guidance to dads (and mums) on a number of issues relating to pre- and post-natal life, and to provide useful articles on some of their own experiences of parenthood. You can check out the website at to see all they have to offer but this is what they had to say about the Snugglebundl (Bundl:for short)- DESCRIPTION: An ergonomically designed multifunctional blanket to lift, lay and wrap newborns in, particularly suited to new mums recovering from C-Sections or complicated births, or those suffering from back problems. Available in a variety of colours and patterns. Suitable for use from birth (min 3.5kg/7.5lbs) to approx. 6 months (max 15kg/33lbs). GOOD POINTS: The patent-pending Bundl is, quite simply, an amazingly innovative and effective all-in-one wrap, carrier and lifting device for young babies. It is a beautifully finished one-size blanket with a thick fleecy exterior and a soft warm 100% cotton lining. With a lovely range of bright and more subtle designs to choose from, there is certainly something to suit all tastes. The blanket has an ergonomic design to fully support a newborn's delicate body and spine, and its shape is similar to a hammock, with the sides gathered around two strong material handles, and a comfortable padded hood at one end to protect baby's head and neck. Despite its simplistic design, the Bundl has several options for use. It can be used as a wrap to provide a secure snuggly environment for baby to sleep, which involves placing baby on their back in the Bundl, with the hood rolled back from their face and any excess material folded up over baby's feet. The left side is then wrapped over the right, and a well-placed ribbon located on the side of the Bundl tied through the handle to secure it in place. The Bundl is therefore perfect for use in cots, cribs and prams, and also fits easily into baby car seats, where the three-point seat belt is secured directly over the baby, with the sides of the blanket either left open or folded over the harness depending on the temperature. The sturdy reinforced handles on either side of the Bundl make it ideal for using to pick up, lay down, transport and even rock baby, either one-handed or two! This not only avoids the need to (and reduces the chance of) waking baby should you need to move them, but also provides a helpful and effective lifting device for new mums who have recently undergone a C-Section or stitches and may have limited movement or mobility. Indeed, while the long term effect of using the Bundl could not be fully investigated for this review, this was certainly found to be the case during testing, where it was felt to aid rather than interfere with or lengthen recovery following birth. This isbecause the handles of the Bundl can be pulled together and gripped with ease, and the baby's evenly distributed weight inside the Bundl enables a better lifting position for mum, which does not require overstretching or awkward bending and leaning angles that could cause discomfort. An additional benefit of the Bundl is therefore its suitability for use by disabled individuals or sufferers of bad backs, as well as making things a little easier for elderly grandparents to help out! The Bundl is, in our opinion, a fantastically well thought out and innovative product, with a top quality, safe and durable (machine washable) finish that offers several health-related benefits to parents and carers, not to mention allowing sleeping babies to lie! "
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