Lift your baby safely

If you've already had a baby you'll know the amount of times each day that you have to bend or stoop to lift, lay down or move about your new baby. Statistics put it at between 50-60 times a day!

As with bending to lift any object (particularly from low levels) your back is always the first to tell you if it doesn't like the way you're doing it. That's why it is so important to adopt good posture when you pick up or put down your little one. Start off right and as they get bigger and heavier it will be a lot easier and better for you. For some though the underlying back twinges are already there making it harder from the start. Of course it is not just the back that suffers. For many new Mums' they are also coping with the recovery from the birth itself and especially if there has been stitches or even C section recovery to cope with as well.

We have looked hard at the general advice available on the internet on this subject and have tried to condense this down to a paragraph to avoid injury when lifting your babies:-

Be as careful as possible when you are lifting, use your legs and bend your knees. Avoid bending from the hips and keep baby close to you rather than with your arms out. Never twist as you lift! Try not to rush as those are the times when you are more likely to make mistakes. When using the car seat squat down or kneel to do them up or undo the buckles. Try and build a little core fitness into your day to strengthen your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles even if it's just a few minutes every day it will help improve your posture and reduce back pain. And most importantly try not to overdo it! It's hard not to when you're a parent but you need to rest too!

Now of course we are the manufacturers of a baby product that is designed to help you lift, lay and move a baby without having to bend or stoop and with the added bonus of being able to move them without waking them so of course we are going to have to mention that! The Snugglebundl is a baby wrap that actually helps you lift your baby safely into your arms to help you avoid injury. The soft strong handles on the wrap mean you can lift the baby to you so you avoid the stooping and bending! It completely supports their whole head, neck and body so you do not have to lean to place a hand behind their head as you lift. If you have your baby resting on the Snugglebundl through the day then whenever you need to lift them you can do so safely and easily, and because it moves them so gently you can do it without waking them. Have a good look around our website  "


If you need help lifting your baby safely with full head support


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