Picture of Mum lifting up baby

Lifting baby after stitches

Being able to lift a baby after having stitches can be difficult. So many new mums experiennce some tearing during the birth and the Snugglebundl is the perfect solution to take the strain out of lifting or laying your baby. This review comes to us via the UK Birth Centres whom we have have come to know over the last year or so and who recommend the Snugglebundl to new mums. You can find out more at ukbirthcentres.com.Many thanks Erica for your review and many congratulations on the birth of your new baby daughter.
"Who doesn't look for ways to make everyday activities easier with a newborn? The Snugglebundl is a deceptively simple product that can help with everything from transporting baby on the go or around the house to providing a casual cover when breastfeeding.
My UK Birth Centres Midwife recommended the Snuggebundl to me in the days following the birth of my daughter. Luckily I had a complication free birth, however she was a big baby and I had some tearing so was feeling slightly uncomfortable. The Snugglebundl allowed me to pick her up and carry her with minimal effort. I could move her with barely any disturbance and she would stay sleeping and comfortable when moving her for example from the car to her crib or pram.
I also put a towel inside and wrap her after her bath, she loves the feeling of being snug inside and it's a safe way to carry a slippery baby!
The Snugglebundl is fab in that it folds up to a tiny size, is easily stored and can be thrown into a nappy bag or the car. Would highly recommend!"
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