Made for Mums vote Snugglebundl Top 10 for Travel

Made for Mums website has put us in the top 10 best Travel essentials for babies and toddlers! We've been having a field day lately with the Snugglebundl being voted into various best of categories in a variety of magazines and online mum and baby websites. The great thing about our fantastic lifting blankets is that they do so many different things so we have a lot of different categories that we can fall into. We have to say though that being able to move baby about when they are asleep really is one of the things that makes it so useful for parents. This is really put to the test if you travel a lot with your baby. Getting them in and out of trains, planes and automobiles without waking them can be a challenge, but with a Snugglebundl it suddenly makes life a lot easier. We had a great chat with a mum at a recent baby show who had used the Snugglebundl with her baby when travelling abroad on holiday and she told us how brilliant it had been at the airport getting the baby out the buggy to go through customs and then onto the plane. She told us laughingly that she had used it solidly throughout the 2 week holiday, on the beach, in and out the hire car and pushchair as well as a nap blanket and as a breastfeeding cover, and had washed it out each evening and hung it to dry ready for the next days use! It doesn't matter if you are going on a holiday or just out for the day, if you are travelling about with a new baby the Snugglebundl will really serve as an extra pair of hands for you. We like to say that we think that owning a Snugglebundl will buy you extra time every day where you can keep them asleep a little easier and that for any parent or carer is worth its weight in gold! Don't just take our word for it. Nip over to the Made for Mums website to read the article and for more details check out our page on travel with your baby. "
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