Newborn essentials-Don't forget your Snugglebundl.

I was perusing google images yesterday for Snugglebundl and came across a photo I hadn't seen before. A beautiful new born baby ensconced in a Spotty Snugglebundl. I had to see where it was from! It's really lovely when you discover things people have written about you that you hadn't seen before. Discovered a great little blog site called 'We're going on an adventure!' So many products on the market for baby's that it is hard to know what you do or don't need.(More so if you are a first time parent!) The blog post is about Newborn Essentials and Snugglebundl was top of the list This is what it said!. Snugglebundl - This genius invention has been worth its weight in gold for us. It's particularly fantastic post c section - I was able to get Amy in and out of her hospital crib without doing more than sitting up - I didn't have to twist, get out of bed or call a midwife to help. I honestly can't recommend this highly enough if you're going to have a section and genuinely think that hospitals should have a stock of them ready to lend to section mummies during their stay in hospital. So many thanks to Colette for the great mention on you site. We think your baby daughter is gorgeous. All the best from the Snugglebundl team x"
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