Osteopaths recommend Snugglebundl

For anyone who has been following the progress of Snugglebundl will know that the idea for this baby-lifting baby blanket came about
because of my own back problems when my daughter was born and because my wife was experiencing limited movement from a complicated birth. Being able to launch Snugglebundl has meant that we can offer a simple solution to a very common problem. Parents with back problems, mums recovering from c section, or in fact any ailment that causes difficulty in picking up baby can benefit from this simple idea.

We have been so happy to hear from so many parents who have found the snugglebundl blanket so helpful for any problems they had in lifting baby. We recently met a mum who had been suffering from bad pelvic problems and has become a real advocate for the Snugglebundl because not only had it helped her so much with the issues of lifting, laying and moving her baby but also solved the problem of how she coped when dropping her young daughter at school and baby was fast asleep in the car seat. This is such a common problem for parents because you don't want to wake them by getting them out just for a minute and then have to put them back and you don;t want to leave them while you go out of site for a minute. So innevitably you end up lugging that huge heavy car seat off with you, which if you do have any back or pelvic issues can be a real problem. Lovely to just carefully lift them out asleep on the blanket then softl;y lay them back in without waking them. people who have older kids are always saying" I wish they'd been around when my kids were babies!" to which I always reply "So do I!"

We were absolutely thrilled to receive two quotes today by ostepaths who have discovered the Snugglebundl and are recommending it to other mums with back and pelvic problems.

"Great help for all my post partum mum's - helps prevent both pelvic and back strains. Excellent baby safe innovation."
- Margery Taylor- Osteopath

"Good for mums, helps keep body balanced and less stress to joints while manoeuvring baby anywhere."
- Peter Gray- Osteopath

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