Snugglebundl is a winner for grandparents

Since launching the Snugglebundl lifting blanket in November 2011 we have sold many thousands of them all over the world. In particular we have had great success at the Baby Shows around the UK as we have specially made platforms that we can demonstrate how easy it is to use a Snugglebundl from. Everyone loves how versatile it is to use from a nice snug secure wrap through to a discreet breastfeeding cover. One thing that we have noticed in all this time is just how popular the Snugglebundl is with grandparents. The most common thing we hear all day from people is 'I wished I'd had one of those when mine were babies!' Grandparents seeing the Snugglebundl in action immediately identify with how helpful it will be for them helping with their grandchildren to be, and more often than not they have already bought one before mum has blinked an eye

​Many grandparents(especially grandma's) have told us about how they worried about coping with back, knee, leg, hip and arm problems and had been relieved to discover the Snugglebundl to overcome the worry of lending a hand with all the day to day lifting and bending that comes with babies.

We were contacted recently by a lovely lady called Jo Ward who was a freelance journalist and features editor for several magazines and now writes a lovely blog and review website called Practical Baby Products. She has just recently become a grandmother and contacted us about reviewing the Snugglebundl as she could see the benefits for both her and her daughter.

Jo wrote 'From a personal 'granny' point of view, I found that lifting Harrison using the Snugglebundl was much easier than without.For instance, trying to put him in and out of the car seat in the winter was made much simpler using the Snugglebundl, especially for those of us who feel a twinge in our back when lifting and bending. New parents and grandparents often get aches and pains in their arms, hands and backs caused by repeatedly lifting up baby. The Snugglebundl would definitely make a good birth gift and one that would reap benefits in the long term. If Harrison was asleep it was really simple to pass him around between different people. So if a group of visitors came to see him and he was asleep, they were able to hold him without him waking. It also acted as a discreet breastfeeding cover-up for feeding without embarrassment in public. It is cosy and warm, fully safety tested, breathable and machine washable. No wonder that the world's first baby lifting blanket is already an award winner!'

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