The Value of a Snugglebundl

For those that saw us on Dragons Den will have seen Duncan Bannatyne getting all fired up about the Snugglebundl selling for £39.99. He couldn't seem to get past the fact that in his opinion that was a lot of money for as he put it. 'Just a blanket with handles!' We actually did give him a full and comprehensive answer to his question but sadly that was edited out of the programme. Firstly as with most small businesses the more we make the less we have to pay for it, and that means we can reduce the price to the shops and to the customers as we grow in size. But to put it all in perspective for the time being it is easy! You can spend anywhere from £10.00 to £150.00 on a blanket You can spend anywhere from £10-£100 on a wrap You can spend anywhere from £25-£75.00 on a breastfeeding cover You can spend anywhere from £10-£100 0n a cosy liner for a car seat , pushchair or pram. With a Snugglebundl you get all those things and you get the ability to move your baby without waking them, and as the handles allow you to lift and lay without bending or stooping it helps your posture and post birth recovery time too. In our opinion and the opinion of our many customers that makes a Snugglebundl priceless! We hope you'll join us in the Snugglebundl revolution and in turn we will be able to offer all this for even less in the future!:) *We should add as a foot note that after all the ramblings in the Den when it came to the end Duncan did say it was a very good well made product:) "
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