Why does my baby wake up at put down?

For so many parents trying to gently lay your baby down without them waking can be a real challenge: You've finally managed to get baby off to sleep in your arms and you want to put them down so you can have a break, relax, read a book, go to the loo or get on with things around the house. You try to ever so gently and slowly slip them out of your arms and lay them down on their own, doing your absolute upmost not to disturb them. The moment that your baby leaves your side their little eyes are wide open, and then you have to do it all again. The classic move is trying to free your arm from under them and ending up getting pinned down to the mattress with them!

So why does you baby wake so easily from what you think is the deepest of sleeps?
According to Professor James J. McKenna who is recognized as the world's leading authority on mother-infant co-sleeping. 'Infants are biologically programmed to sense that something different or dangerous has taken place' Being separated from their care giver. They feel it intuitively through their skin that there is change' such as the softness of their mothers touch, the warmth of mother's body, the gentleness of mother's moving, the smells of mother's milk, the movement of the mothers breathing and heartbeat and the feeling of being secure and protected. They feel the separation and they awake like an alarm to call the caregiver back ' It's a survival instinct!
So this is where our wonderful Snugglebundl comes in to play and why the Snugglebundl helps to not only lay your baby when they are asleep but also to move baby while they are sleeping without waking! So how does it work?
The Snugglebundl is designed so that you use it for your baby to lie on and play on throughout the day. When you need to move them you pick them up in the Snugglebundl, and when they fall asleep in your arms you use the handles to lay them down. As soon as you take your baby's weight with the handles the Snugglebundl takes the support of your baby from head to toe, and as you lift them they still have the sensation of being close to you as the sides of the envelop them in the same way a hammock would hold you. It is lovely and soft and warm in the Snugglebundl and so even as you lower your baby down away from your body they still have the feeling of being close. With no arm to move from under your baby and either using one or two hands you can softly and gently lay your baby to rest and then use the sides of the Snugglebundl to fold over and secure as a cosy wrap.
So many parents are finding that using the Snugglebundl throughout the day is giving them this much needed extra time where they can easily lay baby down without waking.
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