Back pain, birth and Sciatica

Back pain and Sciatica during pregnancy

The subject covers a huge array of different back, pelvic and spinal problems and conditions such as scoliosis, SPD and Sciatica. In a lot of cases these problems are made even harder to cope with after the arrival of your baby. The arrival of a 6lb baby that doesn't get any lighter as they grow along with the constant need to pick up and put down, carry and sooth is a relentless day by day, hour by hour assault on your already exhausted body. The basic day to day strains are laying our babies into pushchairs, prams, cots, cribs, beds, sofas and of course down on the floor. Next it's all about lifting them from push chairs, prams, car seats, cots, and beds and the floor as well as snuggle time, breast feeding, domestic tasks including shopping, seeing friends, travelling. Image of pregnant woman holding a hot water bottle to her back to ease her pain Essentially the strain on your back, pelvis or Sciatic nerve system is always worse in the picking up and laying down of your baby. Once they are down or up that bit after the lift of lay isn't so bad. Its the bit in between that is the painful problem part - the lifting or laying down. Most of the time we are laying down or lifting up from these low positions. Without a Snugglebundl, both hands are needed to lift, one hand is used to support baby's body, the other to support the head while your body is in a stooped or bent position. This can difficult or painful if you suffer with back complaints but it can also be almost impossible for many. The Snugglebundl wraps around baby providing the whole body and total head support. If baby is asleep while being lifted or moved they won't even wake up. The Snugglebundl allows you to lift and lay a baby from 0 - 18 months while keeping a straight posture putting the least strain on your body you  go through post birth recovery. Its easier on you, your baby and baby that gets their precious sleep. A sleeping baby leaves time for you and the things you need to get done during your day. Image of mother lifting her baby The Snugglebundl is a multi use wrap performing more than one useful role. Check out what our Amazon customers have to say and the uses they've been surprised to find even more useful than the reason they bought it for.