Travelling With Your Baby Blog

There are lots of things to remember when travelling with a baby. Whether you are just going for a picnic at the park or across the globe on an airplane, there are essential items you will need to pack to make sure the journey is smooth and your baby stays happy. It is also vital to consider how you will keep your baby cool in the warmth and cosy in the cold for their comfort and safety while on the move. In the below article we look at some essentials to remember when travelling with your newborn, including essential baby travel items and baby travel products to keep your little ones happy while on the move 

Is It Safe To Travel with a Baby? 

Generally, it is considered safe to travel with your baby a matter of days after they are born. Of course, it will depend on your specific circumstances and whether there are any complexities with travelling with your newborn. The mode of travel will also be a factor when it comes to determining whether it is safe to travel with your newborn or not. Below we have gone into a bit more detail for various forms of travel:  

  • Car: You can take your newborn baby in the car from day one, provided you have a car seat correctly fitted. Guidelines state that you shouldn’t leave your baby in their car seat for any longer than necessary, so if you have a long journey ahead of you, make sure you stop often enough and take your baby out of their car seat to prevent flat-head syndrome and reduce the chances of breathing difficulties for your baby.
    Bonus Tip: Having a Snugglebundl is invaluable for this purpose as you can take your baby out of their car seat without waking them, meaning you can ensure their safety without disturbing their sleep. 
  • Plane: When travelling by plane with a newborn there are a few factors to consider before you whisk your baby off on their first airplane journey. Some airlines might have particular rules when it comes to how old your baby needs to be before they go on a plane, some airlines require a baby be at least 2 days old where as some will only allow a baby to fly after at least 2 weeks. It is important to check this before you book your flight. Furthermore, doctors will generally advise you wait until your baby’s immune system has developed somewhat before you take them abroad. This can take between 3 and 6 months but consult your doctor about the optimal amount of time to wait before taking your baby on a plane. 
  • Train: Similar to taking your baby on a plane, travelling via train with a newborn can put them at risk of catching something if their immune system isn’t well developed yet, so be sure to check with your doctor before taking your newborn on the train. 
  • Bus: When taking a very young baby on a bus, the same rules should apply as when taking them on the train – Check with your doctor and be aware that your baby’s immune response may not be very strong in their first few weeks and months, so avoiding public transport is a good idea.  

Although it is generally considered safe to travel with your baby via car, public modes of transport can present risks for your baby, so it is generally advised to wait until their immune system is better developed in order to avoid the risk of catching something.