Why the Snugglebundl is the best baby car seat blanket you can buy!

The Snugglebundl baby car seat blanket is no ordinary blanket. There is a reason it has been recommended by leading Baby Sleep Expert Jo Tantum. Not only is it super easy to use but the multi award winning design provides complete head support for your baby, so by using the unique blanket handles you can easily move your baby in and out of the car seat without waking them. See the benefits below.



Sleep - moves your baby in and out of car seats without waking them

Hassle free - no more carrying heavy car seats to avoid waking baby

Safety - helps you avoid leaving them in the car seat for long periods

Easy transfer - lift baby straight out the car and into their pram undisturbed

Universal fit - fits safely and securely into any 3 or 5 point car seat harness

Support - padding in head area provides full comfort, support and protection

No fuss - straps simply securely fasten around baby and the blanket (no holes)

Back protection - avoid awkward lifting by using the blanket handles

Reviews of the Snugglebundl car seat baby blanket

I bought this for my daughter and she has found it extremely handy for taking her baby to and from the car and also when she is asleep in her chair to carry her to bed From house to car seat to supermarket trolley, and back again, without waking. Fantastic!” Not sure how I survived without one now! I thoroughly recommend that all mums-to-be, new mums and new baby gift buyers invest in one of these pronto! I love my Snugglebundl because it gives me so much more freedom on the school run and when moving from the car to the house. I can move my son around from car seat to cot effortlessly. He doesn't sleep well at the best of times, so this really helps. Bub loves it, is safe, saves you from backaches and allows baby to continue sleeping while being transferred from one place to another, eg. Capsule to pram, bouncer to bassinet. Totally works!

From house to car seat to supermarket trolley, and back again, without waking. Fantastic!


Why the Snugglebundl works well with any car seat... and travel system

Travel System

The car seat can be taken out the car and fitted to a pushchair frame so you do not need to wake the baby The baby ends up spending even longer in the upright position Use the Snugglebundl as your baby car seat blanket so you can still move your sleeping baby into a less upright position and allow them to stretch

Car seat and separate pram

Baby does not spend too much time in the upright position Difficult to move your baby from one to the other and back again without waking Use the Snugglebundl as your baby car seat blanket so you can move your baby between the car seat and pram without waking them and without being tempted to carry a heavy car seat!

Frequently Asked Car Seat Blanket Questions

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