Easy, Healthier Lifting and Laying

It is rumoured that your parents’ back problems are due to lifting you about fifty times a day as a baby - Over 18,000 lifts in the first year! Having carried a baby for nine months your back may be sore. Or it may have been weak before pregnancy. Having to move, hold a baby whilst doing tasks and lift and lay during the day really doesn’t help the healing process and could even make it much worse. One particular reason for the increase in back problems is carrying a car seat or putting a baby in one which is already in the car. Stooping through a car door whilst trying to support your baby’s head without waking them can be both an emotional and physical stress. With a Snugglebundl you lift your baby out of a pram or from your arms and simply place your loved one safely into position. No stooping necessary! We have been told many times that this is especially useful when you need the other hand to hold your toddler. Indeed after a C-section or any other post-birth symptoms the reduced stooping really helps with recovery. The reason Chiropractors and health experts like the Snugglebundl so much is because it helps with so many health issues,  not just bad backs.  It also helps with things like Diastasis recti which is a separation of stomach muscles in pregnancy. Another pregnancy related issue is Symphysis Pubis Dys (SPD) which gives pain in the pelvic joints. With stooping reduced when using a Snuggelbundl any issue which is worsened by movement can be helped. It is even useful for parents with disabilities of various types. The Snugglebundl is a shawl that forms a hammock. Treat it as a life-saving garment to help you lift, lay and support your baby’s head. It is not a carrier - just for lifting and laying. However, when going down stairs it is a struggle to see your feet when carrying a baby so it can be used for this purpose to aid safety for short periods (handles are tested to 30kg/66lb) Simply bring the soft strong handles of the shawl together to form a hammock. Keep your back straight and lift! Day after day life just gets easier and healthier.  Makes it easier for parents to lift for more cuddle without the stress on the back of fear of head support. Enjoy your Snugglebundl!

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