How to use the Snugglebundl

Lifting your baby in the Snugglebundl

Place your baby into the hood centrally and facing upwards. Fold excess material beneath the feet over your baby. By folding the excess material your baby will not gravitate into the centre of the blanket. Firmly grip the soft strong handles and lift gently into your arms with a straight back (do not lift them via the tie at the side).

Wrapping your baby all snug and cosy

Simply lower your baby down and fold the excess material over the legs. Pull the handles down and fold the right panel over. Then repeat the same step with the left panel. Secure the lifting loop in place with the tie on the side. You can also leave it completely open in hot weather and use as a play mat or easy changing facility.

"The Snugglebundl is fully safety tested for breathability"

Safely rock & soothe your baby gently to sleep. This is a motion that babies love. Simply firmly grip the soft strong handles and gently rock. Simply hold your baby in your arms as normal. Use the outside panel to discreetly cover yourself.

There are plenty of other uses you can get from the Snugglebundl