Lay Baby Asleep

Almost every parent knows it's almost impossible to put down or pick up a sleeping baby without waking them. The Snugglebundl, one of the most amazing products invented, makes this a breeze and its been voted best baby product two years running ! Many people wonder how it holds the baby's head so steady ? The answer is simple- When you lift the baby in the Snugglebundl the handles which support the material moves at the same time and forms a hammock around your baby that supports the whole body. The material holding the head and neck totally secures the baby's head as baby is lifted. The simplicity is why it is so effective and why it has won so many baby product awards. It is the only baby product that allows you to lift, lay and move your baby without waking them. As parents we know that broken or interupted sleep is not sleep at all. The same is true for baby too. The Snugglebundl is tested to 30kg (the weight of a five year old!) so its great from new born through to around 18 months.
  • More sleep for your baby, more rest for you
  • More time to get things done
  • Much easier to pick up or put baby down
  • Less stress on your back from bending or stooping to lay down, pick up or move baby
  • Greatly improves C Section recovery due to better posture when moving baby

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Lots of awards and still counting...