The Lightweight Snugglebundl

The Lightweight Snugglebundl does everything the original Snugglebundl does but with the added features of lightweight material for travel and extra air flow for higher temperatures – Perfect for Holidays! It is also great to transfer baby in and around the Beach/Pool area. The Lightweight Snugglebundl comes in half the size of the original Snugglebundl packaging which means it is great for travel, you can pop it in your suitcase without taking up much room and it’s lightweight feature means it hardly adds any weight, in to the handbag it goes! As with the original Snugglebundl, it also allows you to lift and lay your little one without waking from ages 0 up to 18 months (As your baby gets bigger, simply fold the bottom panel under their legs. It is tested up to 30KG, the average weight of a 5 year old), you can use it as a pay mat, a discreet breastfeeding cover and let’s not forget lifting your little one out of the Car Seat without waking them (leave the car seat behind, parents). AND you can travel on planes/trains without disturbing your baby, yourself or other passengers!