Minimise car seat usage

Less time in a car seat is a health essential

Many studies have shown a rise in health issues which have raised concern about overusing car seats. Many experts believe that the growth in flat head syndrome, neck leaning (also known as Wryneck) has something to do with the growing overuse of car seats as prams. The biggest concern is the lack of oxygen in the blood due to the chin on the chest resulting in shallow breathing for long periods. Some babies have been left overnight in car seats, which has led to fatalities due to positional asphyxiation. A recent study by the NHS conducted at Southampton and Bristol University found that while sat at this angle for 30 minutes – either stationary or when in motion – the babies’ heart and breathing rate increased, and their blood oxygen levels were lower compared with lying flat in a cot. Dr Fleming recommended that babies should not be left in a car seat for more than 30mins. Your baby can be kept safe out of the car seat without waking them. Just use the handles to form a hammock and lift!

What's the main reason babies stay in car seats too long?

It's because parents fear waking them when they lift them out.

With the use of a snugglebundl, which supports the head in the same way that a hammock does, babies can be lifted in and out without moving the hand out from the back of the head.  This means that parents can lift them out without waking them. This means there’s help in avoiding negative health issues associated with leaving babies in car seats too long. Not only that, because the back of the Snugglebundl is less than 1mm thick, yet wraps around over the straps, it replaces a thicker item of clothing. The fact that the straps don’t go over the product and straight over the chest delights the experts who have been wanting safe solutions to encourage parents to take their babies out of car seats as soon as possible.

Crash Tested

For extra reassurance, the product has been crash tested to both USA and EU standards in both three point and five point car seats. Also leaving a baby in a car seat reduces cuddles and contact with the parent. With a Snugglebundl you can pick them up easier and have a healthier baby. The product is opened up so the straps go over the baby’s chest before the side panels cosily wrap around them. This reduces the need for a thicker garment.

Key benefits of using a Snugglebundl with your baby car seat.

  • Sleep – moves your baby in and out of car seats without waking them
  • Hassle free – no more carrying heavy car seats to avoid waking baby
  • Safety – helps you avoid leaving them in the car seat for long periods